June 19, 2010

i want to share something…

about an application on Twitterror….



we call it TWHIRL….

i’m just use it….and the result is quite awesome….


if you all passionate to twitterror,this application is highly recommended….

click here,Twihrl…..

or you guys juct click on that pic…..

i’m sure this is a very good application for every twitterror…..

ok,hope you guys enjoy it….


please add me….

Allen Grayson


sharing is sexy… it???


chocolate crazzier….

June 19, 2010

chocalate cake???

then plus with ice-cream…..

try to imagine…..


just want to share with you all some facts about chocolate,chocolate cake,and ice-cream…..

Actually, it DOES grow on trees. It all starts with a small tropical tree, the Theobroma cacao, usually called simply, “cacao.”

have some types of chocolate as Cacao, Chocolate Liquor, Unsweetened Chocolate, Bittersweet Chocolate, Sweet Chocolate ,Milk Chocolate ,White Chocolate ,Cocoa Ground Chocolate, Baking Chocolate, Chocolate Coating ,Couverture Gianduja ,Single Bean Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Chocolates Chocolate Extract ,Chocolate Oil

weird fact about chocolate….

The cacao beans were used as currency. 10 beans would buy you a rabbit or a prostitute. 100 beans would buy you a slave. Some clever person even came up with a way to counterfeit beans – by carving them out of clay. The beans were still used as currency in parts of Latin America until the 19th century!

The Maya also used chocolate in religious rituals; it sometimes took the place of blood. Chocolate was used in marriage ceremonies, where it was exchanged by the bride and groom, and in baptisms. They even had a cacao god.


heii…just a little sharing…

i am really CHOCOLATE crazzier….

see this???

comel tak??

inilah plushie untuk 2 orang peserta bertuah Selipar Jepun Pink’s Giveaway….

i’m just lucky coz jumpa giveaway ini….

due date until 30thJune 2010….

who want to join this please click on this link,Selipar Jepun Pink’s Giveaway….

you just need to make an entry about this then leave your comment on Selipar Jepun Pink’s entry…

quite easy right???


guess if i was the lucky one….